Sybanclaire Preparatory School


Located in Brooke Street, Freetown Sybanclaire Preparatory School started some 17 years ago on 13th September 1993, during the 10-year war conflict in Sierra Leone. Like many other schools in Sierra Leone, the proprietor of Sybanclaire wanted to provide a safe environment where children from the surrounding area could receive some type of education.

The school began as a nursery school with just 4 children and as time went on, the school grew to 160 pupils in 1998, with an additional 6 classes added on.

However, between 1998 and 2000 the roll dropped drastically as a result of the political unrest, when many parents withdrew their children from the school. The number of children began to grow again over the last 10 years and now in 2010, the school has 140 children.


In 2008, Sybanclaire started to participate in the National Entry Exams, which every child in primary school education in Sierra Leone takes once they reach the age. One child from the school was put forward in 2008 and passed, then 3 children participated and passed in 2009. In 2010, 8 children participated and one child obtained a grade which was good enough to be accepted into one of the best state run secondary schools, the Annie Walsh Memorial School.


Still in its original location in Brook Street, Freetown Sybanclaire now has:-

Class Boys and Girls

  • Number of students 140
  • Number of classes 6
  • Number of teachers 13
  • Number of Head teachers 1


  • Financial support is needed, as the school is very cramped and some classes are being held on the porch and in the corridors of the building
  • Stationery for the school, e.g. chalk, blackboard dusters
  • Stationery for the children


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