Lisam Preparatory School


Mrs Eliza Macauley is the founder of Lisam Preparatory school; her vision was to open a nursery school after she retired. So on September 9, 1996 during the heart of the civil war in Sierra Leone the nursery school was opened with just 12 children.

As time went on the school grew, and with that, parts of her house was converted to accommodate the growing number of children in the nursery.

Mrs Macauley was forced to extend the school to a primary school as parents were reluctant and often refused to find another primary school for their children once they passed the nursery stage of their education.

First to be converted was their double garage to accommodate the nursery school. Then she converted her husband’s study for class 1, the boy’s quarter’s for class 2, the storeroom for class 3, the outside kitchen for class 4, and a temporary hut for class 5, 6 and 7.


At the back of her house is a foundation for a new building. When it is finished it will house the whole of the primary school.

The hut also needs to be demolished and a building erected to house the nursery school.


  • There are 210 students (subject to change at the beginning of every school term)
  • It is a mixed school.
  • There are 11 teachers. The head teacher’s name is Mrs Janet Cole.


  • Financial support is needed to finish the building they have started and to replace the hut, which currently houses class 5, 6 and 7.
  • Stationery for the school, e.g. chalk, blackboard dusters
  • Stationery for the children


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