Kanifing Primary School


The Kanifing School was started in 1998 by John Scott who had travelled to the area from the United Kingdom. The school forms just one part of an organisation called the New Life Centre which is based in Kanifing, south of Banjul in the Gambia.

The school was originally an outreach centre for children from the poorer parts of the community, providing them with both a safer environment and a basic education.

Kanifing School has three sections, including a nursery, a primary school up to grade 6 and an upper basic school for grades 7 to 9. Tebbs SC will focus initially on helping the nursery and primary sections of the school, which is a total of 450 students.


Despite experiencing many challenges over the years, including a recession which saw the closure of other schools in the area, Kanifing School has continued to operate successfully.

The school is mixed, with nearly 20 teachers and 5 unpaid volunteers and has achieved excellent performances in both internal and national examinations for the past few years.

Most of their students continue into higher education or work in a variety of fields - in fact the head teacher at the school is actually a former student.


Kanifing School now has:-

Classes No. of Pupils No. of Classes No. of Teachers
Nursery 100 3 5
Primary (up to Grade 6) 350 7 10
Upper Basic (Grades 7-9) 150 7 9


  • Financial support is needed to build a senior secondary school
  • Stationery for the children
  • Stationery for the school


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